Discipleship is an essential part of the Christian life; discipleship is the process of our spiritual growth to become more like Jesus every day. The Well strives to make disciples (eager followers of Christ) that go and make other disciples. This is Christ’s command to us as Christians in the Great Commission speech in the Bible:  Jesus’ first request (Matthew 4:19) and last command (Matthew 28:19-20) to His own disciples were to make more disciples. Our hope is to follow the heart of Christ through disciple-making at The Well. How The Well fulfills this command is by creating a discipleship process with our Covenant Partners (members) to disciple one another. The process begins with a class which will cover a number of topics to help you build your biblical foundation and practical skills in discipling others. We are excited to see our community changed by an intentional focus on daily deepening discipleship. In essence, our discipleship is obedience to Jesus Christ.

The SOURCE is a 6 week discipleship-focused course which will help you to be able to engage with another individual or couple and help them grow deeper in their faith. We will cover topics such as What is discipleship? How to help New Christians begin their walk with Christ; Spiritual Check-up in my life; How do I grow deeper in my relationship with Christ? How do I discover my Spiritual Gifts? How can I help a struggling couple with their marriage, addictions, and problems? We ask that EVERY member of our church attend one of these semester courses to be equipped to become a better disciple-maker.  All are welcome!!

Will resume in the spring.

You can email Clif at clif@thewellargyle.com if you have any questions.


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