The WELL loves your marriage!

In a culture where traditional marriage is under attack from every angle, we are rooting for your marriage to succeed. Pastor Matthew and his bride, Jennifer, have a true desire to see our new church be a center for marriage building, renewal, healing, restoration, and new beginnings. The Hardings and the Watsons both went through extraordinarily difficult times in their marriages, not believing there was any hope to save it. However, God showed up in an incredible way to help them restore their marriages.

Because we have seen God’s hand restoring marriage in our own lives, we are able to bring hope to countless other couples who had given up on theirs. We want to be an encouraging well-spring of hope for all marriages in our community through the life-giving power of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to strengthen marriages before they reach the point of extraordinary difficulties, encourage and walk with those who are in the midst of their difficulties, and lay foundations for whole and healthy families in our community, as a couple, a ministry and a church body.

Join us as we have fun and walk together as couples.




March 24, 2018 – TBD
May 19, 2018 -TBD

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