If God is calling you to be a part of our new church, you are most welcome!! Typically, being “a part” of this local church entails attending regularly, participating in ministry, and tithing to the WELL which are all biblical traits of believers modeled in Scripture (Acts 2:41-47). We encourage you to be an active part of our fellowship.

Many of you, however, will feel God’s call to join our church in a more official capacity, what we call Covenant Partnership. In order to lead in any of our ministries, we require believers to officially join the church through membership, called Covenant Partnership. More than simply attending or “belonging” to our church, we desire active partners in ministry. It is our heart that God would not only bless you and use you for His purposes in ministry in this community, but that you would help us lead these ministries in covenant with us before the Lord, as you first lead your own lives and families well according to scriptural principles.

Those who feel led to join the WELL through Covenant Partnership will be able to share their personal story of salvation (how and when you accepted Christ as your Savior) to a pastor or church leader one-on-one (not in front of a group); agree to water baptism through immersion or (we accept previous immersion baptism from any past church or denomination); be trained in and become an active discipler of new believers and other attenders; and will attend a membership orientation event (on a Sunday morning at 9:00 am before the Church-wide service) in order to learn more about our church, our doctrine, our church practices, and have all your questions answered (membership classes are usually held every other month).

Those desiring Covenant Membership (Partnership) are asked to:

Agree to the Membership Covenant.  Click here to view – THE WELL CHURCH MEMBER COVENANT.

Our Summer and Fall Covenant Membership Classes are offered on these dates from 9-10 am at Argyle High School.  Childcare provided.  Click a date below to register for this class.

February 4th

April 8

June 3


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