Our Vision

"The Well exists to positively impact our community by engaging the lost with the hope of Christ, serving the broken-hearted, and discipling believers to love & lead well in North Texas and beyond"
Our Core Values
The Biblical Principles and Values which will guide The WELL are:
  1. An Unbridled Passion to preach God’s Word with a view to restore broken lives, marriages, families, and our community for glory of God.
  2. Engaging Men in the community (in their workplaces, homes, and places of leisure with a view toward authentic relational connections).
  3. Transformational Discipleship (helping others grow deeper with Christ)
  4. Family Oriented Ministry (building strong marriages & homes in our community)
  5. Missional Lifestyles (Every Covenant Partner in the church involved in local ministry)
How will The WELL Impact our Community?
-Through Intentional Missional Living -

Missional Lives are exhibited through:

SEEKING: Seeing the needs in our community others don’t see.
REACHING: Engaging & meeting those needs through ministry & service in the name of Jesus.
SHARING: Sharing the gospel while we are sharing our life & resources with those in need.


MULTIPLYING: Making “Disciple-Making” disciples with a hunger to reach, win, and love the lost to Christ.
REJOICING: Celebrating Life Change – true conversion & SPIRITUAL restoration


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